The future belongs to those who see possibilities....
.......... before they become obvious. (John Sculley)                                               
Are you maximizing and optimizing your ecosystem?

Today’s philanthropic leaders can’t settle for conventional services anymore.

Donors have the best of intentions. Causes have the best goals in mind. Yet the world of philanthropy has grown exponentially and there is a real need for donors and leaders to have a ‘Thinking Partner’ and philanthropic advisor at their side to improve outcomes for greater success. From philanthropic start-ups and partnerships to new revenue streams, replication and scalability, Philanthropy Concierge provides service based on complete discretion. When you are ready to increase awareness for your mission, be a catalyst for change, reach the next-generation and invest in leadership development Philanthropy Concierge is your answer.

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Solving the Big Problems

“Is it making enough of a difference?” Every donor has wondered what effect their donations are really making and how they can do better.

Celebrities lend their names; politicians say they will help; companies give time and money; generous Americans like you devote themselves to worthy causes and yet – – have you considered that there is a better way to do more? That there is greater value related to your giving?

Can a donation do more? Can a donation be better?

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About Pamela

Pamela Dubin delivers breakthrough solutions to key and emerging leaders.

Ask me to be your Chief Strategist for a Day.

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